High durability with higher degree of hardness meet your Moto Z protection needs. This Moto Z screen protector is made up of oil resistive coatings that protects your device from oil and sweat from your finger touch. It is designed gracefully with laser cutting technique that covers maximum screen of your device.

Tempered Glass Protection

Keep your Smartphone screen protected from potential damage with the Muvit Made for Moto screen protector. Made of toughened glass, it provides an effective protection against shocks and scratches.


This mobile screen protector with 9h hardness, hardness next to diamond, is quite enough to protect your Moto Z from breakages, damages and tear and wear.

Reasons to Choose

Resistant to scratches and bumps: This tempered screen glass protector for Moto Z is highly resistant to cuts and scratches. It does not get affected by any sharp objects even not knives or keys. So don’t bother to use it in the kitchen while chopping vegetables or cutting fruits.

Ultra Tech screen protector: Real touch and highly sensitive feature makes this screen protector to immediate pick up for your expensive Moto Z

Extremely high transparency with HD features.

Bubble Free: The surface contains bubble free adhesive that allows easy application of screen protector on your samsung device which prevents bubble generation and resists dust and dirt.easy installation.

Oleophobic membrane: Made from hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, which protects your screen from fingerprints and other oil and sweat contaminants.

UV Protection: Balances light intensity and protects from UV rays and weakens the eye strain generated through screen.

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